Bach Flower Therapy


Bach Flower TherapyWhenever there is blockage in the flow of life force energy, physical health can be impaired.  Examples of this well acknowledged fact are stress induced illnesses such as ulcers, headaches and high blood pressure.  Our mental state plays a vital role in our ability to recover from illness/injury.  Properly selected flower essences, which are dilutions of specific flower tinctures, work very well for any number of issues including, but not limited to, anxiety, ADHD, depression, anger, aggression, fear, loss, grief, panic and trauma.  Flower Essences are safe, non-toxic and gentle and may be used in conjunction with any other conventional medical or holistic treatments.

Health Depends Upon Being In Harmony With Our Souls

Dr. Edward Bach -

Dr. Edward Bach was a prominent physician in the early 1900’s who was well respected for his work as a surgeon, pathologist and in the field of immunology.  He had a strong intuition about the healing powers of nature and spent many years studying links between personality/emotional states and physical symptoms in his patients.  His observations led him to the conclusion that it was ultimately a persons state of mind in response to an illness that had the most profound effect on how well they healed.  Bach Flower Remedies helped his patients shift in a positive direction which positively influenced their healing.